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Book Video for Have You Seen Her?

In the Bronx, in the sixties, the floors of movie theaters were often so sticky your feet literally got stuck on them as if they were flypaper. I didn’t care, I just wanted to find an unbroken seat and watch the previews and the movie.

Seeing something I create on a screen or on a stage is on my bucket list. Since no studios were knocking on my door, and no one has decided to turn Have You Seen Her? into a play – no matter how far Off-Broadway, I decided on doing a book video (after watching the now-completed video, I knew I’d made the right choice).

One day soon after I decided to pursue having the video done, my wife came home with a business card she had just received from a coworker for a local independent film company, Good 4 You Productions. I knew immediately that was a good sign! I contacted Jeff Cobelli and told him what I wanted. When the first thing he said was “Let me read your book,” – and since I was looking for a turnkey production – I knew we were off to a great start. Jeff wrote the screenplay, cast it, directed, and found someone to compose the music.

The kitchen and the garage scenes were shot in my house. Jeff and his production team came over early on a cold Sunday in January. DJ and I went up to my study and I continued working on revising Remember. I heard a loud crash not long after they got there. It turned out to be the sound of Susan’s accident. Over twelve hours later, they had two minutes of video. Jeff said it was a good day. I guessed it was like the accomplished feeling of writing a thousand words.

Jeff added some of his own subtle touches, including his voice for Sean. Then there’s the time on the clock in the car and on Jack’s watch being the same as the one in the scene later when Jack is in the kitchen: time stood still; a line of demarcation in Jack’s life; the things he did before the accident and the things he did after. Also, Susan’s name comes up on Jack’s speed dial. Then there’s the blood (ketchup) on the empty bottle of bleach that we see as the camera pans out.

After shooting was finished for the day, Jeff showed me the garage scene. Even though it was only a four inch screen, as I watched Jack sweep up broken glass with the sun shining through the windows behind him, I was mesmerized. I knew I had one thing I could cross off my bucket list.

Jeff asked what line in Have You Seen Her?  most captures the essence of the story. I immediately thought of “Sometimes, Emily, the story doesn’t end the way you want. Sometimes the characters just go in their own direction.”

Click on: Rich to see the video.

I hope if you’ve read the book, you’ll enjoy revisiting the story again; and if you haven’t, you’re curious enough to read it.

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