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Synopsis and Update on Sum Lives, my Third Novel

Mark Holder has created a battery so powerful some believe it is economically destructive. Mark is skeptical of the assertion at first but then is later convinced of the cost to others. He must decide if he will proceed, knowing that if he doesn’t it will cost him his life’s work and the woman he loves. Christy Sands believes the world will be much better off with Mark’s invention and could never fathom his wasting such an opportunity to help mankind like few others ever have all because of the greedy Eric Nolan.

It’s a love triangle. Three broken characters who are so for their own individual reasons. Mark, the hero, battles hypomania, having episodes where he can’t stop working. Christy, his lover, is a talented painter. Her secret makes her not as perfect as she seems. Eric, the antagonist, who has accidentally fallen in love with Christy, learns about Mark’s invention and starts out craving it more than he does Christy, forcing him to confront his insecurity.

There is some business jargon throughout the book, but I try to keep it to a minimum and as simple as possible. I’m about halfway through the manuscript and don’t know when it will be finished, only that it will be the best book I can write when I do.

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