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In 2004, I was having a complicated oral surgery. It required general anesthesia and it would be my first time in an operating room. As a writer, I always keep an eye out for such unique observation opportunities, no matter what the situation. Therefore, I was a bit excited about what I was about to

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For the first half of our marriage, my wife, Cathy, and I agreed that we didn’t want the responsibility of having to care for another living thing (plant, animal, or child). We ate out frequently, took trips, and extended them if we were especially enjoying ourselves. We didn’t have to be concerned that someone or

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Experiential Writing in Don’t Remember

My second novel, Don’t Remember, is told strictly from the point of view of the main character, Julian Barnes. The reader doesn’t get the perspective of the other characters, only what Julian observes about them. This single-character focus is meant to allow for more insight into the psyche of the story’s hero. There isn’t a

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