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In Rich Silvers’ latest foray into the shadowed recesses of the human mind, Julian Barnes survives a terrible automobile accident only to remember nothing when he awakes. As he struggles to recall the events of that fateful night, he’s cajoled, bribed, and threatened until he’s not sure what’s more dangerous: losing his memory or getting it back.

If you enjoy fast-paced suspense that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go, you’ll love Rich Silvers. From grief-stricken obsession to trauma-induced amnesia, Silvers’ novels feature real, imperfect heroes determined to navigate the darkest depths of their own psyches and confront the truths within – no matter what the cost.

“Consistently readable and surprisingly affecting” -Kirkus Reviews

“Well-written, suspenseful” -Linda Strong Book Reviews

“A psychological thriller that should prove hard to put down … a must for contemporary fiction collections, recommended.” – The Midwest Book Review

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